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SEO Writing

Need to simply accelerate content creation? I can write blog content for your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

Don’t know where to get started or feel stuck? I can craft a content marketing game plan for you.

Content Marketing Coaching

Does your team need an experienced SEO advisor? I can coach your team to content marketing success.

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SEO Writing

Looking to elevate your business’s organic search results? My SEO writing services are designed to engage your audience and drive organic search results. I will craft compelling blog content tailored to your industry and target audience. Partner with me, and let’s create impactful articles that resonate with your target market and boost business growth.

Content Marketing Strategy

Struggling to get meaningful rankings on Google? My content marketing strategy package is here to transform your organic search rankings. I analyze your current organic search footprint and your competitors to identify content gaps and craft a tailored content strategy. From content planning and creation to distribution and analytics, I offer a comprehensive approach that ensures your content ranks for the right keywords. Let me help you build a content calendar that not only attracts but also retains and converts your audience.

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Content Marketing Coaching

Is your marketing team in need of expert SEO guidance and direction? My coaching services are designed to empower your team with the skills and strategies needed to excel. I provide hands-on coaching with actionable insights that align with your specific business objectives. Whether it’s improving content creation, enhancing distribution tactics, or mastering analytics, I work closely with your team to drive success. Invest in the growth of your marketing team and watch as they transform your rankings.


Pick your level of engagement. From simply supplementing your existing content creation processes with additional writing services, to hands-on team coaching sessions.

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Pricing FAQs

My SEO Writing package is designed to supercharge your online presence and drive organic traffic to your website. I begin with custom keyword research, ensuring that I identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords tailored to your specific target market. By understanding your audience and their search behaviors, we can optimize your content for maximum visibility in search results.

Based on the curated keyword phrases from my research, I create five article outlines. I will work closely with your team to ensure that the outlines align perfectly with your content goals and vision. I offer up to three revisions per outline, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the direction of each article before moving forward.

Once the outlines are finalized, I will get to work crafting five highly optimized blog articles, each with a minimum of 2,000 words. These articles are meticulously written to not only captivate your readers but also meet the requirements of search engine algorithms. I understand the importance of driving organic traffic, and my articles are structured to maximize your visibility and reach your target audience effectively. Throughout the process, I offer up to three revisions per article to guarantee that the final deliverables meet your expectations.

The Content Marketing Strategy package takes your content strategy to a whole new level, providing you with resources to elevate your online presence. In addition to everything offered in the Writing package, you’ll receive a keyword topical authority map, an extensive keyword list ranked by KOB (Keyword Opposition to Benefit) score, and a well-structured content calendar. These additions empower you with valuable insights and a clear roadmap for content creation.

I will conduct in-depth research and analysis of your competitors’ SEO landscape, providing valuable insights that will help you stay ahead of the curve. Paired with a content calendar, tailored to your unique goals and target audience, you’ll have a roadmap for content marketing success. Drive your SEO efforts with confidence and precision, equipped with the knowledge and planning needed to outperform your competitors and captivate your audience with compelling blog content.

With the Content Marketing Strategy package, you gain a powerful combination of data-driven insights and strategic planning. I am committed to helping you achieve exceptional results in your content marketing efforts. Let me be your trusted partner in driving organic traffic, increasing your online authority, and making a lasting impact in your market.

Elevate your team’s performance and unleash their full potential with the Team Coaching package. Building on the foundation of the Strategy package, Team Coaching takes collaboration and growth to the next level. In addition to all the benefits provided in the Strategy package, you’ll gain access to my SEO processes and tool setup, equipping your team with the knowledge and tools to excel in the world of search engine optimization.

Your team will receive ten hours of personalized 1:1 team sessions delivered via Zoom. These sessions are designed to foster a collaborative and cohesive environment, allowing team members to engage directly with me. Through interactive discussions and hands-on guidance, I’ll align your team’s efforts, tackle challenges, and uncover opportunities for growth.

The Team Coaching package empowers your marketing organization to become SEO experts themselves. By integrating my expertise into your team’s workflow, you’ll witness a transformation that propels your SEO strategies to new heights. From optimizing your content to mastering new tools, your team will be equipped with the skills and confidence to drive tangible results.